beso: ósculo · besuqueo · carantoña

besot: stupefy

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Spanish-English translation for "besote"


"besote" English translation

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besote {noun}

besote {m} (also: besazo)

buss {noun}

besote {f}

big kiss {noun}

beso {noun}

beso {m} (also: ósculo)

kiss {noun}

En Europa, más del 50 % de la población está convencida de que puede contraer el sida a través de un beso.

In Europe over 50% of the population believes that you can catch AIDS from a kiss.

He votado en contra de este intento de dar el beso de la muerte a la soberanía del Estado en la escena internacional.

I voted against this attempt to give the kiss of death to State sovereignty on the international arena.

enviar un beso

to blow a kiss

mandar un beso

to blow a kiss

Me iba de Monterry México y lo único que podía pensar era en lo mucho que extrañaba a mi esposa Telicia y qué tanto deseaba abrazarla y darle un beso.

I’m leaving Monterrey Mexico and all I can think about was how much I missed my wife, Telicia, and how much I wanted to give her a big hug and a kiss.

beso {m} [coll.]

smooch {noun} [coll.]

to besot {verb}

to besot [besotted|besotted] {vb} (also: to stupefy)
to besot [besotted|besotted] {vb} (also: to stultify, to brutalize)
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