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Spanish-English translation for "blasfema"

Infinitive of blasfema: blasfemar

"blasfema" English translation

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blasfemar {verb}

blasfemar [blasfemando|blasfemado] {vb} (also: renegar, putear, anatematizar, anatemizar)

él/ella blasfema (Indicativo presente)

he/she/it curses (Present)

él/ella blasfema (Indicativo presente)

he/she/it is cursing (Present continuous)

blasfema (Imperativo)

you curse (Imperative)

él/ella blasfema (Indicativo presente)

he/she/it blasphemes (Present)

él/ella blasfema (Indicativo presente)

he/she/it is blaspheming (Present continuous)

blasfema (Imperativo)

you blaspheme (Imperative)
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Context sentences

Context sentences for "blasfema" in English

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Por tanto, la propuesta de José Happart no me parece tan ultrajante ni tan blasfema.

I do not therefore feel that Mr Happart's proposal is so outrageous or so blasphemous.

Seguramente se trata de una declaración especialmente cínica y quizá blasfema, pero refleja el tipo de mentalidad que tienen muchas de estas personas.

That is surely a particularly cynical and perhaps blasphemous statement, but it shows the sort of mentality that many of these people have.

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