×Infinitive of calcino: calcinar


calcinar: abrasar · incendiar · carbonizar

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Spanish-English translation for "calcino"

Infinitive of calcino: calcinar

"calcino" English translation

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calcinar {verb}

calcinar [calcinando|calcinado] {vb} (also: chamuscar, quemar, asurar, arder)

yo calcino (Indicativo presente)

I burn (Present)

yo calcino (Indicativo presente)

I am burning (Present continuous)

él/ella calcinó (Indicativo pretérito perfecto simple)

he/she/it burnt; burned (Simple past)

calcinar [calcinando|calcinado] {vb} (also: calcinarse)

yo calcino (Indicativo presente)

I calcine (Present)

yo calcino (Indicativo presente)

I am calcining (Present continuous)

él/ella calcinó (Indicativo pretérito perfecto simple)

he/she/it calcined (Simple past)
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