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celosa {adj. f}

ES celosa
{adjective feminine}

celosa (also: celoso, celosos)
Las historias del mítico Zeus, su celosa esposa Hera, los gemelos Apolo y Artemisa, la hermosa Afrodita, o el dios del vino Dionisio, son tan apasionante como siempre después de más de 2000 años.
Accounts of the deeds of mighty Zeus, his jealous wife Hera, the twins Apollo and Artemis, beautiful Aphrodite, and Dionysos the god of wine, are as enthralling as ever after more than 2000 years.

Context sentences for "celosa" in English

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Spanishdepositum fidei, conservado por la Iglesia con celosa fidelidad.
fidei, safeguarded by the Church with passionate fidelity.
SpanishLa celosa transmisión del patrimonio de la fe exige atención y métodos adecuados a las diferentes edades, sin descuidar a nadie: niños y jóvenes, familias y ancianos.
To transmit zealously the patrimony of the faith demands care and methods adapted to the various age groups, without neglecting anyone: from children to young people, from families to the elderly.