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chinita {noun}

chinita {f} [zool.] (also: mariquita, vaquita de San Antonio, sarantonton, catarina)

ladybird {noun} [zool.]

China {noun}

China {pr.n.}

China {pr.n.}

Quisiera hablar sucintamente sobre las relaciones con China y los Estados Unidos.

I would like to talk for a while on relations with China and the United States.

Yo pediría a China que no vetase la próxima semana esta importante iniciativa.

I would urge China not to block this important action during this coming week.

Debemos pedir firmemente cuentas a los Estados Unidos y China en este aspecto.

The United States and China must be called to account forcefully on this matter.

Creo que esa es la única forma que tenemos de poder influir mínimamente en China.

I think that is the only way that we can actually have a small influence on China.

Aseguremos, señora Comisaria, que China nos necesite tanto como nosotros a ella.

Let us ensure, Commissioner, that China has as much need of us as we have of China.
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