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Spanish-English translation for "chinita"


"chinita" English translation

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chinita {noun}

chinita {f} [zool.] (also: mariquita, vaquita de San Antonio, sarantonton, catarina)

ladybird {noun} [zool.]

China {noun}

China {pr.n.}

China {pr.n.}

Quisiera hablar sucintamente sobre las relaciones con China y los Estados Unidos.

I would like to talk for a while on relations with China and the United States.

(CS) Señoras y señores, esta semana hemos debatido las relaciones China-África.

(CS) Ladies and gentlemen, this week we have discussed China-Africa relations.

Exposición - The First Emperor - China's entombed warriors Hasta el 13 marzo 2011.

Exhibition - The First Emperor - China's entombed warriors until 13 March 2011.

Yo pediría a China que no vetase la próxima semana esta importante iniciativa.

I would urge China not to block this important action during this coming week.

Debemos pedir firmemente cuentas a los Estados Unidos y China en este aspecto.

The United States and China must be called to account forcefully on this matter.
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