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Spanish-English translation for "espantado"


"espantado" English translation

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espantado {adjective}

espantado {adj. m} (also: espantada, asustado, asustados)

scared {adj.}

espantado {adj. m} (also: aterrado, espantada, asustado, asustada)

frightened {adj.}

espantado {adj. m} (also: pasmado, consternado, sobrecogido)

aghast {adj.}

espantarse {verb}

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Synonyms (Spanish) for "espantarse":


Context sentences

Context sentences for "espantado" in English

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Me quedé espantado ante las dificultades para imponer la prohibición de vuelos.

I was appalled at the difficulties that arose when it came to imposing the ban on flights.

Busque las fotos que aparecen en la prensa española (acabo ya, señor Presidente), señor Danielsson, y quedará espantado.

Have a look at the photos that appear in the Spanish press (I am just finishing, Mr President), Mr Danielsson, and you will be shocked.

El mundo quedó espantado por lo brutal e inhumano que podía llegar a ser el comportamiento de antiguos vecinos y parientes entre ellos.

The world was shocked by how brutal and inhuman former neighbours and relatives could be in their behaviour towards one another.

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