×Infinitive of induje: inducir


inducir: abstraer · conceptualizar · generalizar

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Spanish-English translation for "induje"

Infinitive of induje: inducir

"induje" English translation

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inducir {verb}

inducir [induciendo|inducido] {v.t.} (also: adiestrar, conducir, guiar, mandar)

yo induje (Indicativo pretérito perfecto simple)

I led (Simple past)

inducir [induciendo|inducido] {v.t.} [phys.]

to induce [induced|induced] {v.t.} [phys.]

yo induje (Indicativo pretérito perfecto simple)

I induced (Simple past)

inducir [induciendo|inducido] {vb} (also: blandear, persuadir, convencer, congraciarse)

yo induje (Indicativo pretérito perfecto simple)

I persuaded (Simple past)

inducir [induciendo|inducido] {vb} (also: instigar, incitar)

to abet {vb}
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Sin embargo, yo también induje inadvertidamente a mi grupo a votar en contra del párrafo 8 debido a una incorrecta indicación del voto.

However, I also led the majority of the group inadvertently into voting against paragraph 8 due to an incorrect voting indication.

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