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maricón {noun}

maricón {m} [vulg.] (also: pitillo, cigarro)

fag {noun} [coll.]

El año pasado en Belfast en el Día del Orgullo Gay se podía llevar una pancarta que dijera "Jesús es maricón" sin que se tomase ninguna medida contra tal delito incendiario.

Yet at the Gay Pride parade in Belfast last year, a placard could be carried declaring 'Jesus is a fag', and no action was taken to deal with that inflammatory hate crime.

maricón {m} [vulg.]

queer {noun} [vulg.]

maricón {m} [vulg.]

poof {noun} [vulg.]

maricón {m} [vulg.]

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Context sentences for "maricón" in English

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Ayer, un ministro del Gobierno italiano ofendió a esta Cámara diciendo que estaba dominada por maricones.

Yesterday, a Minister from the Italian Government offended this House by saying that it was dominated by gays.

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