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Spanish-English translation for "rabiosa"


"rabiosa" English translation

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rabiosa {adjective}

rabiosa {adj. f} (also: rabioso, furiosa, furioso, enfurecido)

furious {adj.}

rabiosa {adj. f} [med.] (also: rabioso)

rabid {adj.} [med.]
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Synonyms (Spanish) for "rabiosa":


Context sentences

Context sentences for "rabiosa" in English

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Cada año el Consejo borraba rabiosamente la línea Schengen de la segunda lectura.

Each year the Council would angrily strike off the Schengen heading at second reading.

(FI) Señor Presidente, el asunto de la inmigración está de rabiosa actualidad en toda la Unión Europea.

(FI) Mr President, the immigration issue is a very topical one throughout the European Union.

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