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Spanish-English translation for "recurso no renovable"


"recurso no renovable" English translation

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recurso no renovable {noun}

De todos es sabido que el suelo es nuestro principal recurso no renovable.

We have heard that soil is our most important non-renewable resource.

Como recurso no renovable, el Patrimonio Cultural debería administrarse según principios de Calidad, garantizando su conservación en el contexto del desarrollo sostenible”.

As a non renewable resource, Cultural Heritage should be managed according to Quality principles, ensuring its preservation in the context of sustainable development".
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El tiempo es el único recurso no renovable.

Time is the only resource which is not renewable.

Una más cosa: no se habla del hidrógeno como recurso nuevo (o renovable).

One more thing - there was no mention of hydrogen as a new (or renewable) resource.

Se trata de un recurso energético a mitad de camino entre la energía renovable y no renovable.

It is an energy resource which is halfway between being renewable and non-renewable.

Los desechos no son un recurso natural renovable, pese a que cada día se produzcan más y más.

Waste is not a renewable natural resource, although there is more and more of it produced every day.

El suelo es un recurso natural finito y no renovable.

The soil is a finite and non-renewable natural resource.

El plástico no es un recurso renovable y la turba tampoco.

Plastic is not a renewable resource, nor is peat.

Se trata de un recurso energético a mitad de camino entre la energía renovable y no renovable.

Not only is this energy source constantly renewing itself, but is actually increasing at a dramatic and alarming rate.

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