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Spanish-English translation for "regulatorio"


"regulatorio" English translation

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regulatorio {adjective}

regulatorio {adj.} (also: administrativo, normativo)

regulatory {adj.}

El contexto político y regulatorio en este ámbito ahora es diferente.

The political and regulatory context in this area is different nowadays.

Es evidente que hay un fallo regulatorio, entre otras cosas.

It is obvious there is a regulatory failure, among things.

El mercado está ahí y el marco regulatorio está bien definido.

The market is there. The regulatory framework is clear.

También comprendo que este enfoque no debería, sin embargo, conducir a un marco regulatorio más complejo.

I also take the view that such an approach should not, however, lead to a more complicated regulatory framework.

Por tanto, la introducción un marco regulatorio mejor para las empresas también contribuye a la recuperación económica.

Providing a better regulatory framework for businesses is therefore also about contributing to economic recovery.
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Context sentences

Context sentences for "regulatorio" in English

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Desde luego es fundamental tener un marco regulatorio en pie y cuanto antes.

Of course, it is essential that we have a legal framework in place as soon as possible.

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