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somos familia
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SpanishEse juicio simboliza por si solo que somos miembros de una familia europea.
That judgment alone symbolises that we are members of one European family.
SpanishSomos una familia europea y si uno de los miembros de nuestra familia tiene un problema definitivamente tenemos que ir al rescate.
We are a European family, and if one of our family members has a problem, we must definitely come to the rescue.
SpanishNo somos una familia con hermanos y hermanas que se pelean con estrépito, sino que estamos unidos ante los retos exteriores.
We are not a family with brothers and sisters who quarrel with one another so that sparks fly, but are united in the face of outside challenges.
SpanishAhora somos una sola familia.
SpanishMe gustaría dejar claro que ni yo ni mi familia somos en modo alguno culpables de connivencia con nada de lo que ocurrió en la época colonial.
I would like to make it clear that I and my family are in no way guilty of colluding with anything that took place in colonial days.
SpanishSeñor Presidente, señor Comisario Fischler, mis queridos colegas, no somos muchos, somos la pequeña familia mediterránea, para intentar defender los productos que no son del agrado de Bruselas.
Mr President, Commissioner Fischler, ladies and gentlemen, there are not many of us, just the little Mediterranean family, trying to defend the crops that Brussels does not like.

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