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Swedish-English translation for "fegis"


"fegis" English translation

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fegis {noun}

fegis {comm. gen.} [coll.] (also: hjärtegryn)

chicken {noun} [coll.]

fegis {comm. gen.} [coll.]

craven {noun} [form.]

fegis {comm. gen.} [coll.]

scaredy-cat {noun} [coll.]
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Synonyms (Swedish) for "fegis":


Context sentences

Context sentences for "fegis" in English

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Bråkar ni med honom, bråkar ni med mig, fegisar.

You mess with him, you mess with me, Howard.

Ok, era fegisar, välkomna till Vietnam.

All right, you cheese-dicks, welcome to the Nam.

Kom tillbaka hit, din fegis!

Get back here, you gutless shit!

Hörru... fegis, din tur.

Cheese-dick, you're up.

Spring din fegis!

Run, you coward!

Du är en fegis!

You are a coward!

Du är en fegis.

You are a coward.

Jävla fegis!

Fucking pussy!

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