Swedish-English translation for "käk"

Did you mean: kåk

SV käk English translation

käk {n}
käk- {adj.}

SV käk

  1. slang
  2. colloquial

1. slang

käk (also: kött, lilla pullan)
chuck {noun}

2. colloquial

käk (also: krubb)
grub {noun} [coll.]
käk (also: krubb, tugg)
chow {noun} [slg.]

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Context sentences for "käk" in English

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SwedishStanna till vid vägrestaurangen och få lite käk gjort på sexighet.
Pull into the truck stop and get yourself some scrapple made out of sexy.
SwedishOch nu lite käk till en erövrande hjälte...
Now the meal will be feeding a hungry sloth.