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Swedish-English translation for "salva"


"salva" English translation

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salva {noun}

salva {comm. gen.} (also: lossning, betalning, kvitto, skott)

discharge {noun}

salva {comm. gen.} (also: ström, utbrott, anfall, explosion)

burst {noun}

salva {noun} (also: smörjelse)

ointment {noun}

salva {comm. gen.} [med.]

unction (ointment) {noun} [med.]

salva {comm. gen.} (also: liniment)

unction (ointment) {noun}

salva {comm. gen.}

salve {noun}

salva {comm. gen.} [mil.]

salvo {noun} [mil.]

De första salvorna avfyrades av engelsmännen då British Leylands löpande bands-produktion togs hem till Förenade kungariket, dittills etablerat i Vallonien.

The first salvos were fired by the English when the United Kingdom repatriated British Leyland's motor vehicle assembly line, which had previously been sited in Wallonia.

salva {comm. gen.} (also: cerat, läppsalva)

cerate (a salve (for dry lips)) {noun}
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Context sentences

Context sentences for "salva" in English

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De lyder inte de order som vi ger dem, så vi ger dem en salva av pepparsprayen.

They're not obeying the directions that we're giving them, so we'll give them a shot of the O.C. spray.

Jag behöver en salva mot flatlöss.

I need to get some crab medicine.

En salva skulle få er allihop!

One round could get all you guys!

Salva Kiir, presidenten i södra Sudan, kommer att försöka samarbeta med norra Sudan, under förutsättning att resultatet av folkomröstningen erkänns.

Salva Kiir, the president of Southern Sudan, wants to seek cooperation with the North, provided that it recognises the result of the referendum.

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