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Swedish-English translation for "skrynkla"


"skrynkla" English translation

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skrynkla {noun}

skrynkla {comm. gen.} (also: veck, rynka, pressveck)

crease {noun}

skrynkla {verb}

skrynkla {vb} (also: vecka)

Och skrynkla inte till den.

And don't wrinkle it.

skrynkla {vb} (also: vecka)

skrynkla {vb} (also: krumpna)

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Context sentences for "skrynkla" in English

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Eller, om du vill vara destruktiv, så kan du skrynkla ihop det och kasta det i hörnet.

Or if you want to be destructive, you can just crumple it up and, you know, toss it to the corner.

Och skrynkla inte till den.

And don't wrinkle it.

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