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Turkish-English translation for "ikili"

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"ikili" English translation

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ikili {noun}

ikili {noun} [IT]

binary {adj.} [IT]

İkili uyumluluk standartları

Binary Compatibility Standards (BCS)

ikili düğümlenmiş onlu yazım

binary coded decimal (BCD)

ikili eşzamansız iletim

binary asynchronous communication

ikili eşzamansız iletim

binary asynchronous transmission

ikili eşzamanlı iletim

Binary Synchronous Communication (BISYNC)

ikili {noun} (also: çift)

duple {adj.}
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Gemileri kaza yapan ikili Master Chief ve Cortana, Halo 4'te galaktik kıyamete karşı savaşırken her şeyini kaybedebilir.

The stakes are high for shipwrecked duo Master Chief and Cortana as they battle against galactic apocalypse in Halo 4.

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