German grammar

German grammar can be divided into several points. When learning a language, having an overview of some basic grammatical points is sometimes very useful to help you build sentences and communicate in German. Click on one of the grammar lessons below to read more about this particular grammatical aspect of the German language.

GermanGerman grammar

German is a language that relies on numerous and complex grammar rules. German grammar is often a reason for German learners to throw in the towel. Those who will continue their efforts and carry on learning German grammar will then realize that German grammar is indeed very logical.

The sheer amount of German rules and the size of German grammar books may make you feel you should avoid them altogether. After all, learning German grammar by listening German music and watching German movies is also a good alternative. However, it will be more than helpful to have a good overview of the German grammatical structure.

German grammar will come in handy, even in basic sentences. Understanding the case of the article is sometimes crucial to understand whether a word is a subject or an object. "Der Mann" means "the man", but "dem Mann" means "to the man" - mishandling German grammar can render your German texts ambiguous or even misleading. Once you understand the uses of the four German grammatical cases, you should find this all very coherent.