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Business Vocabulary: Telephone III


Author: bab.la

Language: English - Spanish

Description: Gain confidence on the phone: Practise the necessary business call vocabulary and phrases with our trainer!

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I'll pass your message on to Ms. Castaño. Le daré su mensaje a la Sra. Castaño.
Could you tell him that… Podría decirle que…
I'll make sure he gets the message. Me aseguraré de que reciba su mensaje.
I'm afraid you've got the wrong number. Me temo que recibió el número equivocado.
I'll try and put you through. Trataré de comunicarle.
I must have dialled the wrong number. Sorry about that. Seguramente marqué el número mal. Lo siento mucho.
Sorry to have troubled you. Siento mucho haberlo molestado.
No problem. No hay problema.
Ms. Ramírez, it's difficult for me to follow you. Sra. Ramírez, es difícil entenderle.
Sir, please calm down and help me understand. Por favor cálmese y ayúdeme a entender.


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