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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin using the Vocabulary Lessons?

With the bab.la Vocabulary Lessons you can start learning within minutes:

1. Sign up: Just register at bab.la for free and you will immediately receive a confirmation email to verify your address. Once you click on the link provided you can start right away. You can also log in with one of your existing accounts.

2. Select lesson: You can choose from hundreds of free lessons and find one you like. Just choose a language, enter a keyword, or browse by category. Of course, you can always select more lessons afterwards

3. Learn: As soon as you have chosen a lesson, you start training automatically. By using the flashcard system you can commit the words to your long-term memory. If you want to take a break, you can always interrupt a lesson and continue it later. We will automatically save your exercise progress for you.

How do I study with the flashcard system?

1. Everyone has both a short-term and a long-term memory. We want you to not only learn the words, but remember them in a lasting way. The bab.la Vocabulary Lessons are designed to help you learn new words efficiently and commit them to your long-term memory.

2. Vocabulary are usually saved in your long-term memory after having repeated them five times. For this reason we have modeled the Vocabulary Lessons as such for you. The flashcard box contains five different levels, which is exactly the number of repetitions that you need to learn vocabulary. Level 1 is your short-term memory, level 5 is your long-term memory.

3. When you know a word in a lesson, it is automatically moved to the next level. This continues until it has reached the 5th level where the word is saved in your long-term memory. If you don't know the word, it goes back to the first level. Your goal is to reach the 5th level with all the vocabulary.

How do I create my own lesson?

As soon as you have logged in, you can choose "Create a new lesson" in the navigation menu. There you enter a title, a description, and the language combination. After that, you can begin to enter your own vocabulary. As soon as you have finished the lesson, you click on "Finish lesson". Tip: Your lessons will be available to other bab.la users. If you do not want to share your lesson, please tick "This is a private lesson (other users cannot use it)" as you create it.

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