Top 10 Language Technology Blogs 2009

Here you will find the Top 10 Language Blogs in the category ‘Language Technology’. This category is for blogs discussing technology as part of the language learning process. If you would like to find out more on the ranking method click here

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1.Box of tricks
Box of tricksTechnology and Education
Teach42Education and Technology. Looking att different tools to use and how to use them, by Steve Dembo. & tech
education & techBlog covering the latest in fields of Learning, Knowledge, Tech and Social Media.
4.Self Made Scholar
Self Made ScholarLearn free.
5.always learning
always learningTeaching technology abroad
6.2c Worth
2c WorthTeaching & Learning in the new information landscape
7.Moving at the Speed of Creativity
Moving at the Speed of CreativityThe weblog of Wesley Fryer
BetchablogEducation + technology + ideas
eduFireLive Video Learning
10.dangerously irrelevant
dangerously irrelevantRuminations on technology, leadership, and the future of our schools

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