Top 100 International Exchange & Experience Blogs 2010

IX10 (International Exchange & Experience 2010) is a competition from and Lexiophiles presenting you with the top 100 blogs on living abroad.

Worldwide location of the top 100 exchange & experience bloggers

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The people writing the blogs below come from all over the world. They are either high school or university exchange students, young interns working abroad, people who support these students and interns from behind the scenes or expats who have moved abroad for several other reasons. The common bond is that all of them are living, learning, exploring and experiencing a foreign country and blogging about it! Check out their exchange experience by browsing the top 100 list below.

To see where our Top 100 International Exchange and Experience bloggers are located, take a look at the map above. You might even find out one of them is living near you.

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IX10 - Top 100 Exchange and Experience Blogs 2010
Brazilians living in Ireland write about life in the new country. (Portuguese)
2Canal Londres
Brazilian expats living in London give a broad view about the city. (Portuguese)
3The Basti Show
Video blog from a high school student living in the U.S.A. (German)
4The Evergreen State
Polish high school student in the U.S.A. (Polish)
5American Dream
Polish high school student in the U.S.A. (Polish)
American student in Finland. (English)
7MJR in Huntingdon, PA
Polish high school student in the U.S.A. (Polish)
Brazilian girl who has studied in Italy and Spain and now lives in London. (Portuguese)
9Menina na Rio
American couple who has lived in Rio de Janeiro and now live in São Paulo. (English)
10Nossa vida na Nova Zelândia
Brazilians living in New Zealand. (Portuguese)

Thanks to everyone who nominated or voted for these blogs! Please check out our articles on Lexiophiles or help us build up the dictionaries. For all the young people out there who might have thought about doing in international exchange, we hope that some of the stories from the bloggers here might inspire them to take the leap and do it.