Top 100 International Exchange & Experience Blogs 2014

The IX14 (International eXchange and eXperience blogs) is a competition by and Lexiophiles. It presents you with the current year’s top 100 blogs on living abroad. The IX blog competition has been running for six years (check out the 2011, 2012 and 2013 results, too).

Worldwide location of the top 100 exchange & experience bloggers

The Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2014 by and Lexiophiles
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Browse through the list to find bloggers all over the world sharing their experience abroad. Many of them are high-school and university students on exchange, au-pairs or au-pair families, around-the-world-travellers, expats or young enthusiasts doing a voluntary year of social service abroad. The common bond is that all of them are living, exploring, learning, and experiencing a foreign country and blogging about it!

We have put together this year's International eXchange and eXperience bloggers on a map. You can click on the map and might even find out one of the bloggers is living near you.

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IX14 - Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2014
1.O nome disso é mundo
A podcast collection of interviews of foreigners
Italian in Vienna
3.Live from Hamburg
Italian in Hamburg
4.Hockey Wife Hockey Life
American wife in Sweden
5.Ela é Americana
Brazilian in Switzerland
6.We Took the Road Less Traveled
American girl travels around the world with her Airforce husband
7.Smila Blomma in UK
Italian in Manchester
8.Tai Love
Polish high school on a Rotary Club exchange in Taiwan
Food Travel and Culture in Spain
10.Bristol in my Pocket
American student in England

Thanks to everyone that wrote, nominated and voted for these blogs! We hope to see you back on Lexiophiles soon, and look forward to seeing your contributions to the dictionaries.