Top 100 Language Blogs 2009 - & Lexiophiles

The Top 100 Language Blogs 2009 is the largest language blog competition and is hosted annually by and Lexiophiles. It is aimed at finding the best blogs related to languages and awarding language-loving bloggers. This year there were 473 nominated blogs from 26 different countries in four categories. You will find the Top 100 Language Blogs below (more on the ranking method here).

In addition, you might want to check out the Top 10 Blogs for each category as well:

Language Learning | Language Teaching | Language Technology | Language Professionals

1.Listen to English
Listen to EnglishPodcast and blog for learners of English. Topics include current events, items of interest and cultural quirks.
2.The Linguist on Language
The Linguist on LanguageLanguage blog for people who love languages or would, but were discouraged.
3.Der Englisch Blog
Der Englisch BlogNew explanations and exercises for the English language every day.
TofuguA wonky Japanese language and culture blog
5.The English Blog
The English BlogBlog covering both old and new Internet resources for learners and teachers of English. Not only reviews and presentations, but also advice on how to get the most out of it.
6.Fluent in 3 months
Fluent in 3 monthsLanguage learning tips from Benny the Irish polyglot, who speaks 7 languages, and his story as he travels the world to learn new ones!
7.All Japanese All the Time
All Japanese All the TimeHow you can learn Japanese (and many more languages) without taking classes, by having fun and doing things you enjoy—watching movies, playing video games, reading comic books—you know: fun stuff!
8.Inglês Online
Inglês OnlineTips, experiences and websites for people learning or teaching English.
9.Nihongo Notes
Nihongo NotesLessons and Advice to Help You Learn Japanese ...and a little bit about life in Japan
10.Grammar Girl
Grammar GirlBlog with quick and dirty tips for better writing.
larryferlazzo…For Teaching ELL, ESL, & EFL
12.Angela Maiers
Angela MaiersPutting Learners and Learning First
13.English Experts
English ExpertsBlog on studying english as a second language online for Portuguese speakers.
14.separated by a common language
separated by a common languageObservations on British and American English by an American linguist in the UK
15.Mission to Learn
Becoming a Better EFL TeacherKnow Better. Live Better.
16.Box of tricks
Box of tricksTechnology and Education
LanguagehatGeneral language blog covering academic language realted issues. Among other things discussing recent developments in the field of language studies.
18.Joanne Jacobs
Joanne JacobsJoanne Jacobs presents her views on current educational topics and themes.
19.todo ele 2.0
todo ele 2.0Spanish as a second language, resources, lessons.
Teach42Education and Technology. Looking att different tools to use and how to use them, by Steve Dembo.
21.Blog covering the latest in fields of Learning, Knowledge, Tech and Social Media
22.Library related materials
23.Learn free.
24.Teaching technology abroad
25.Real English for real people
26.Putting a spark in the English learning community with tools to learn, share, collaborate and connect.
27.English language blog
28.Naming, taglines, and other verbal branding.
29.Blog focusing the commentary to all things Taiwanese — Taipei, Taiwan
30.Teaching & Learning in the new information landscape
31.The weblog of Wesley Fryer
32.Education and teaching blog
33.Language blog from the research group of the German language (Forschungsgruppe Deutsche Sprache)
34.Names, brands, writing, and the quirks of the English language.
35.Teaching EFL Teachers How To Teach Speaking
36.Our Esperanto Blog is a series of frequently published articles about Esperanto language. Our blogger, Alex Joy, speaks and studies Esperanto and is very passionate about sharing his knowledge with our readers.
37.Blog created to help English learners with their studies focused on common difficulties that Portuguese speakers have when learning English.
38.German blog on language, Russian and translation. Includes articles on the latest news on related areas.
39.A freelance translator blogs about lessons learned at the wordface, her experiences as a freelancer and the changes facing the profession.
40.Our Arabic blog addresses learners of Arabic as a foreign language. It introduces some aspects of the Arabic language: grammar, vocabulary and dialects, as well as certain aspects of Arabic culture and history.
41.LETUTOR's guide to languages
42.The blog about learning Spanish, to fluency, on your own and without ever visiting a classroom.
43.Education + technology + ideas
44.Blog to help understand all things China. Includes articles on language, culture and everything inbetween.
45.Blog about language use, publishing and the media in general
46.Live Video Learning
47.Tips on sounding like a native speaker. Videos and other tools to help eliminate mistakes common for both foreign and native speakers of English.
48.Ruminations on technology, leadership, and the future of our schools
49.The Web-Translations blog is a mixture of informative, serious, and light-hearted content focusing on various areas of language and the localization industry. All members of staff are welcome to contribute, and we encourage comment from our readers.
50.Procrastinations, musings, digressions, and a little bit on writing. Or the miserable little life of a PhD student and would be novelist
51.English teacher sharing his knowledge with English learners
52.Tips and tricks, toys and tools - everything about translation.
53.The Magic of Learning through Technology which collects and organizes information, resources, advices, new, and everything that can be useful to intercultural teaching and foreign students
55.A blog on the danish language.
56.Beyond Words is ALTA Language Services' blog, wherein ALTA's language professionals comment on issues involving translation, interpreting, language testing, and the intersection of language with current events.
57."If you talk in his language, that goes to the heart." Nelson Mandela
58.Experimenting with web 2.0 tools to enhance language learning
59.All about Italy
60.Personal page of a translator, lots of resources
61.Featuring musings life in general and the translation industry.
62.I use this blog as a place for me to reflect on best practices, and the practices I’m (trying to) putting in place in my classroom.
63.Demonstrating the power of technology to transform learning, energize communities and inspire innovative thinking.
64.Fun articles about languages and French in general
65.You will find my attempt to use web 2.0 tools in my teaching and to enthuse my students, recipes, singing news, film reviews, unusual stuff, stuff I've discovered thanks to my amazing PLN.
66.English learner willing to share his knowledge through tips and lessons for other English learners.
67.A bilingual blog
68.Our Russian Blog is a series of frequently published articles about the Russian language and Russian Culture. Our blogger is Josefina Lundblad, a talented and prolific Swedish-born writer who has been living in Russia for several years.
69.This is a blog provided by アイモ君 and i-osmosis for English learners. It brings you news and useful information for leaning English
70.A English Virtual Community online
71.Our Polish Blog is a series of frequently published articles about Polish language and culture. Our multilingual blogger Anna Etmanska, a Polish native, makes this blog very educational but also very exciting.
72.Tips to learn German and study in Germany.
73.Learning with the read/write web
74.A Spanish blog about Technology
75.News, views and reviews
76.Blog by Natalia Zudaire, professional translator and geek.
77.Linguistical blog for Italian language lovers
78.A co-operative blog journal for educational technology & change.
79.For fellow teachers…
80.Everything to do with phonetics.
81.Stephen works for the National Research Council, Institute for Information Technology, in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. He specializes in online learning, content syndication, and new media.
82.English teacher shares her knowledge, lots of resources, everyday a new "lesson"
83.A blog from a French teacher on which his Korean students can post articles in French is an online community for learning languages.
85.Expat making her way through Thai language and culture
86.English person attempting to learn Mandarin from the Internet. Resources and advice to help other budding Mandarin students in a similar position.
87.English language blog
88.Translator Portuguese-English-German and his experiences with the language.
89.Strategies for Lossless Langage Convrson
90.A Scoop of Real Italian Life for Travelers & Friends
91.About the special learning techniques aimed at language learning
92.Return to Sweden
93.News and views on language and technology
94.Q and A blog on grammar. Readers questions on use of English are answered and discussed on a daily basis.
95.Learning Japanese Blog
96.Blog on use of English in business
97.Blog about e-learning
98.Medical Translation * Regulations * Technology
99.Reflections on words, expressions and the difficulties encountered on the bridge from the English to the French language.
100.Our German Blog is a series of frequently published articles about German language and culture. Our original blogger, Nathalie La Vache, is a multilingual teacher who lived in Germany for several years.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the competition. Without all of you, the users, this competition would not have been possible. If you are on the list, you might want to add a Top 100 Language Blogs 2009 button to your blog. We hope to see you back soon on Lexiophiles or the dictionaries.