Top 100 Language Blogs 2010


The Top 100 Language Blogs is probably the largest language blog competition hosted annually by and Lexiophiles. It is aimed at finding the best blogs related to languages and awarding language-loving bloggers. This year we had the most nominations ever, counting 495 blogs from all over the world. After our previous competitions in 2008 and 2009 we are proud to announce the 2010 winners. A big thank you to all participants for sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge with the world. Keep on blogging!

Make sure to check out the Top 10 Blogs for each category as well:

Language Learning | Language Teaching | Language Technology | Language Professionals

1.Talk To Me In Korean
Korean learning made simple and easy.
2.Fluent in 3 months
Language learning tips from Benny the Irish polyglot who speaks 8 languages, and his stories as he travels the world to learn new ones!
3.Jennie en France
Blog about Learning & Teaching Languages, with a focus on French.
4.Der Englisch Blog
Der English-Blog provides daily explanations and exercises about the English language.
5.Blog o języku niemieckim
Easy German learning online with authentic materials.
6.Atominium the art of translation
Hints on Translations & Translators, Culture & CAT & IT & Technology.
7.The Linguist on Language
Language blog for people who love languages or would, but were discouraged.
Learn Spanish through pop culture!
9.Beyond Words
ALTA's language professionals comment on issues involving translation, interpreting, language testing, and the intersection of language with current events.
10.Translation Guy
Translation Guy is a way to get a handle on the transformation of the translation business for both the author and his readers.
11.Kalinago English
Teaching EFL teachers how to teach speaking.
12.Teaching Village
Blog made by a passionate teacher, which is especially about teaching English to young learners.
13.Teacher Boot Camp
Ideas & challenges for teaching ELLs.
14.English Experts
Many tips and lessons to learn English and exchange ideas and knowledge about this language.
Five language enthusiasts from the language center Göttingen teaching German.
16.Separated by a common language
Observations on British and American English by an American linguist in the UK.
The magic of learning through technology.
18.Inglês Online
Tips for those who learn or teach English.
19.A CLIL to Climb
Blog with games and downloadable activities for teachers.
20.Transparent Language
Transparent Language is a leading provider of best-practice language learning software for consumers, government agencies, educational institutions, and businesses.
21.News and articles in Romanian and other languages, as well as surveys, quotations for translators, interpreters and other language professionals.
22.Tips, advice, and all kinds of information both for translators and translation buyers written by all those involved in the exciting field of professional translation.
23.Russian language blog containing a great variety of interactive grammar, communication and vocabulary materials.
24.Randy tries to learn a new language every year, gives great analysis of how the components of particular languages work.
25.Language teaching, teacher education & new technologies.
26.Blog read mainly by French speakers who already have a good command of English but who wish to deepen their understanding of the language and its cultural aspects.
27.Blog for teachers, trainers, lecturers and anyone else with an interest in keeping up with what’s happening in the world of ELT.
28.For students learning Italian.
29.Learn Japanese (and many more languages) by having fun: watching movies, playing video games, reading comic books, etc.
30.Developing educational games for learning Japanese
31.Navigating the New Culture Frontier - explorations into the Thai language, culture, sports, food, and media.
32.A multilingual lawyer breaks down the process involved in speaking languages based on his own experience.
33.High quality language solutions, delivered on time …with a smile!
34.“When 1 teaches, 2 learn.”
35.SplaiEnglish Blog: A place to learn and share our English.
36.A rabble-rousing mix of commentary and coaching for technology and issues affecting language service providers and their clientele.
37.Blog for learning and using the Italian language.
38.A virtual English community online.
39.Learning German for Romanians.
40.Personal page of a translator with lots of resources.
41.Technology and education.
42.Blog about writing, web content, usability, accessibility, language and translating.
43.English – titbits, language problems, common mistakes.
44.German as a foreign language.
45.About learning and teaching with and without the Internet.
46.Blog with quick and dirty tips for better writing.
47.Various resources to learn languages.
48.Names, brands, writing, and the quirks of the English language.
49.English language blog.
50.Blog created to help English learners with their studies focused on common difficulties that Portuguese speakers face when learning English.
51.Resources and information for students and teachers of MFL at Chiltern Edge School.
52.Blog on learning Korean.
53.All kinds of information for those involved in the exciting activity of professional translation.
54.An expat making her way through Thai language and culture.
55.Korean learning journey & the latest kpop news.
56.Blog written by a professional translator and translator trainer, covering everything to do with translations with a humorous take on different topics.
57.Blog about learning Italian.
58.For students learning Italian from the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas di Ciudad Real.
59.Experimenting with web 2.0 tools to enhance language learning.
60.A resource for international literature at the University of Rochester.
61.Multilingual Parenting, Multilingual Education, Multilingual Advocacy.
62.An Irishman's blog about the English language.
63.A blog about ESL technology.
64.About teaching.
65.Shares useful information on learning via ALG.
66.Medical Translation * Regulations * Technology.
67.Blog about Polish - language problems, spelling mistakes and other mysteries of the Polish language.
68.Teaching Spanish, curiosities, correcting Spanish texts, discussing the correct use of Spanish.
69.Blog for people who want to learn more about Thai language to deepen their understanding about Thailand!!
70.Trad Online, a dynamic and innovative translation agency.
71.Teaching technology abroad.
72.A blend of technology and education.
73.Free, easy to use, and practical technology resources that will increase student learning and motivation in the classroom.
74.Blog on how to use new technologies and media in foreign language learning.
75.Education and technology. Looking at different tools to use and how to use them, by Steve Dembo.
76.Blog on translation. In English.
77.Learning and teaching in the 21st century.
78.Focuses on distance training and education, from instructional design to e-learning and mobile solutions, and pays attention to psychological, social, and cultural factors.
79.The translation industry and becoming a translator.
80.About professional translations (English & Italian to French Translations).
81.Lessons, resources, and inspiration for teaching kids French and Spanish.
82.Information, news and links about online language learning.
83.English teacher sharing his knowledge with English learners.
84.Blog on everything to do with phonetics; from application to education to resources.
85.Practical tips and advice on using ICT to enhance the teaching of modern foreign languages.
86.English with an IT focus.
87.Tips, resources and teaching materials to help EFL and ESL teachers use ICT and new technology.
88.The original idea for the blog was, and remains, to provide free materials for teachers.
89.English teacher offers some grammar tips.
90.Diary of a Spanish teacher.
91.Blog that lists tools and websites that are useful to ESL / EFL teachers.
92.Ben Zimmer explores the pathways of the visual thesaurus lexicon.
93.About teaching and learning languages
94.All the ingredients to prepare a pot ...
95.A blog dedicated to new words and expressions for English learners.
96.A blog for learners of German in the world.
97.Informative, serious, and light-hearted content focusing on various areas of the language industry.
98.About the Dutch language and culture.
100.Written by Michal, a Polish journalist, writer, one-time language teacher and linguist, living and working in London.

Blog for English learners, teachers and enthusiasts about learning languages.