Top 100 Language Lovers 2013

The Top 100 Language Lovers, hosted by and Lexiophiles, is probably the largest competition for language enthusiasts! It is aimed at finding the best blogs, Facebook pages and Twitterers with a passion for languages. This year we had the most nominations ever since the competition started back in 2008, counting 1,024 blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts from all over the world. After our previous competitions in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 we are proud to announce the 2013 winners. A big thank you to all participants for sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge with the world. Keep up the great work!

Make sure to check out the Top 25 for each category as well:

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1.Judy Jenner @language_news
Trilingual translator, court-certified interpreter, identical twin, author, traveler, bibliophile, foodie, Vegas expert. Born in Austria, grew up in Mexico City.
2.Talk To Me In Korean
Learn Korean with free lessons, make friends around the world, and ask questions about Korean and Korea.
3.Aaron G Myers @aarongmyers
Aaron is helping you learning a new language with tweets and blog posts. It’s about empowering and educating and giving you the tools that will lead to success.
4.Dictionary @dictionarycom is a leading provider of online language reference products and services. On Twitter they share interesting facts about English words.
5.Fluent in 3 months
Language learning tips from Benny the Irish polyglot, who speaks 7 languages, and his story as he travels the world to learn new ones!
6.German should be fun @LearnXDGerman
I tweet in English and the German translation just 5 minutes later. Verstehst du meine deutschen Tweets?
7.Marta Stelmaszak @mstelmaszak
Polski - English - Français Translator and Interpreter. Tweeting about freelancing, language, translation, writing and success.
8.melissa muldoon @italiamelissa
Tweets feature Italian culture, current events, travel and language tips, as well as daily comments about this crazy great world we inhabit.
9.Jared Romey @JaredRomey
Bestselling author in Chile and Puerto Rico of Speaking Latino books on Spanish slang. Traveler, language lover, entrepreneur, & voracious reader.
10.Nicole Y. Adams @NYAcomm
German/English marketing, PR & communications translator, editor, consultant & translation business mentor. Coffee lover, mum of 2 boys & CPD enthusiast.
11.Translation Times
Entrepreneurial linguists Judy and Dagmar Jenner blog about their multinational languages business and share useful tips and insight into the translation and interpreting business.
12.English Tips for You @EnglishTips4U
Indonesia's first & only Twitter-based English learning portal. We help you learn English better, faster, & for free!
13.Catherine Christaki @LinguaGreca
Catherine is the co-owner of Lingua Greca Translations, who translate English-Greek, and specialize in IT, medical and gambling texts.
14.AIIC Interpreters @aiiconline
AIIC is the home of professional conference interpreters worldwide. There are more than 3000 of us in over 100 countries.
italicissima is dedicated to real Italian language as it appears in contemporary literature. You will find a monthly post on a novel of literary and linguistic interest and a language-themed interview with the author.
16.Les Piles intermédiaires
Ramblings, rantings and ravings of a French professional translator who also enjoys an occasional movie, a good read and a new pair of shoes.
17.Cath Cellier-Smart @Smart_Translate
French to English translator, Brit-born expat, scuba diver, reader, tea drinker. Tweets interesting links to articles about the English language.
18.Quero Aprender Alemão
If you are Brazilian, Portuguese or learn German through English, you will find this blog useful with its different answers to the questions and difficulties typical of Portuguese students.
19.The Everyday Language Learner
An amazing resource: blog, coaching, resources and more. Aaron puts out calls to others about their success stories, gathering a community of language learners around him.
Names, brands, writing, and the quirks of the English language. The blogger has been involved in verbal branding for more than 20 years as a name and tagline developer and a crafter of concise, compelling brand stories.
21.Back of the cereal box
The Back of the Cereal Box is the record of the weird ways pop culture intersects with the blogger's life. The writer talks about himself a lot, but he tries to do it in a way that makes it relevant to people who don’t know him.
22.Lynne Murphy @lynneguist
An American linguist in England. This is the Twitter presence of 'Separated by a Common Language' blog.
23.Rainy London (Val) @rainylondon
Interpreting/translation services (IT/EN/ES/FR etc) + transcreation & branding. Val is Italian, loves food, fashion, fitness, Macs, espresso and London.
24.Angela Maiers
Angela has developed special techniques for learners and founded her own company. Putting Learners and Learning First.
25.Algo más que traducir
Blog about professional translation, video game localization, translation software, apps, websites and more! Author: Pablo Muñoz.
26.Writer, editor, lapsed biologist. Tweets about language, books, arts, science, nature, nonsense, miscellany.
27.Dario works as a freelance translator, graphic artist and a lot more and is living in Barcelona, Spain.
28.The main aims of the Terminology Coordination Unit is to cover the communication needs of the TermCoord with terminology and linguistic departments.
29.Translator & interpreter (En-Sp-Fr-It). Love communication and stay flexible with fitness. Did you balance your words today?
30.Name and tagline developer. @VisualThesaurus columnist. Bay swimmer. California native. Skeptic. Lover of fashion, maps, brand lore, high/low culture.
31.Learn German in a fun way.German lessons, German jokes, short stories, and audio lessons that help you speak German fluently.
32.Johnson's correspondents consider the use and abuse of languages around the world, in a blog named after the dictionary-maker Samuel Johnson.
33.Spanish games and software localiser and tester, currently living in London, photography-lover, a bit of a gamer, good cook and friends carer.
34.English-Spanish Translator for video games, app localization & QA. Pablo is also a Translation Content Curator.
35.German-Swedish translator. Translation company specialises in technical documents for business and industry.
36.This language site provides a lot of information about learning Korean. The site which is very resourceful and anyone learning Korean should have a look at it.
37.This is a good resource and blog to practice Spanish and download material with excercises and more to improve your Spanish skills.
38.A detailed blog with tips, resources and materials about France, the French and the French language.
39.This is a blog, written in Spanish, about translation and interpretation in Madrid. Includes entries about training, conferences as well as some interviews, anecdotes about the everyday life of a working interpreter.
40.The blogger is an Italian terminologist and localization specialist. Terminologia etc. is her personal blog on terminology, translation, localization and anything language-related that attracts her attention.
41.Taking a unique approach to languages, Luca says they cannot be taught, only learned. Through his blog, he shares the language passion necessary for this learning to be possible.
42.This website is dedicated to unveiling the mysteries of learning a language in general and about learning Chinese in particular.
43.Tae writes his thoughts on learning Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. The focus will be on useful information for those learning Japanese while posts about Chinese and Korean will be more from a learner’s point.
44.Language expert, online tutor, German, English and French. My method focuses on motivation, achievement and understanding.
45.Russificate is an online Russian language learning school. Try our real time Russian language lessons via Skype with professional teachers! Russify yourself!
46.Words & Worlds of New York chronicles Ellen's linguistic adventures (and misadventures) studying 17 different languages important to New York City's past and present.
47.Traducir&Co is a Spanish blog focused on translation and social media and aimed both to students and professionals. Written by Merche García Lledó.
48.Mox is a happy freelance translator… except for the fact he has to deal with Pam the evil PM, Crados crashes right before deadlines, explain to his girlfriend Lena why all translation projects are urgent, and, above all, constantly being told to get a real job.
49.Russian blog containing a great variety of interactive grammar, communication and vocabulary materials, exercises and quizzes for two different levels.
50.This blog is a good resource to help the Spanish speaking community to learn Italian. The site offers many learning tips and materials for free.
51.Expat making her way through Thai language and culture. She shares tips and techniques, local quirks and insights from Thailand. Anything language, culture, or travel related.
52.The fanpage of a blog created in 2008 for Portuguese speakers interested in learning German.
53.Writer, TV/Radio Host, Journalist, TV Producer. Download daily video clips of Andrew teaching English
54.The translation workplace. is the number one source of new clients for translators and interpreters.
55.This blog makes it easy to learn German online with authentic materials, tips and trick, and much more.
56.Independent localization and translation services firm specializing in adapting products to global markets
57.DW’s Sprachkurse department aims to help you improve your German and thereby promote the German language. We want to make learning German easy and accessible for everyone around the world.
58.Freelance French, Spanish and English teacher, offering private classes in Nantes, France and online tutoring.
59.Free courses and lessons. Jonathan is a British English trainer specializing in training of francophones.
60.DW’s Sprachkurse department aims to help you improve your German and thereby promote the German language. They want to make learning German easy and accessible for everyone around the world.
61.Tess Whitty, the author of the blog, is a professional English into Swedish translator specializing in localizing your business communication and technical documentation.
62.Bahasa Kita provides its users various language learning features for grammar, vocabulary and in-depth knowledge on Indonesian language
63.The blogger is a Lecturer in English Phonetics. His blog aims to explain phonetic thoughts on English and Italian: it is also dedicated to phonetics, pronunciation and phonology.
64.A great page for learning business German! Find articles, images, lessons and more to help you reach the next level.
65.A page for Portuguese speakers interested in learning Russian. Have a look at this unique page!
66.Spanish language consultant tweeting in Spanish, Galician, English, and several other dead languages.
67.Tweeting Interesting terminology, neologisms resources. If you love a word, use it. That makes it real.
68.An Irishman's blog about the English language.Sentence first is my blog about the English language: its usage, grammar, styles, literature, history, and quirks.
69.Blog about writing, web content, usability, accessibility, language and translating.And the other things the blogger likes will probably find their way into the blog too: music, art, fashion, architecture, design, typography. Even chocolate.
70.The different phases of an interpreter’s life and work, details on everything from post-graduate training to testing at the institutions
71.The Language Blog. A light-hearted look at languages. Bite-sized chunks of language trivia and news.
72.The blog is mainly focusing on the traditional language used in Aceh, a region in Indonesia.
73.A blog about languages and conference interpretation by a professional conference interpreter. The blogger offers a review of interpreting techniques, both in theory and practice.Interviews with interpreters who talk about their work, interests and issues.
74.Tweets on Language Learning (German & English). Take advantage of free trials, downloads & many tips!
75.Learning foreign languages ​​is now easier with the internet. It is on this blog that you will realize.
76.German for Polish speakers! Learn German with funny images and online slang. provides tools and opportunities for translators to network, expand their businesses, do better work and have more fun.
78.A blog about language learning in general. Balint offers many tips and insights along with a description of his project to learn 5 languages in 5 years.
79.Marketing for translators and interpreters tips and posts about social media, suceed as freelance translator, etc.
80.Our Commitment: We will not rest until every person on Earth is fluent in at least two languages.
81.Uli writes about all things German, mainly directed at people who come to Germany for studying or working and need to reach a certain level of German.
82.Pre K- 3rd Grade Spanish teacher shares ideas, lessons, and resources with other early elementary foreign language teachers, parents, and all others interested.
83.Providing information and cultural awareness about languages around the world
84.Bootheando is a blog written by conference interpreter that aims to discuss the world of acting and of agriculture and allied sciences from the point of view that is on the other side of the glass.
85.Learn English with hip-hop and rap music! Stephen Mayeux is the founder of He teaches English as a Second Language at UC Davis Extension
86.A German girl loves the Japanese culture, especially the Bento box. She blogs in German.
87.Blog about interpretation and books
88.The Blog Inglese provides to all your grammatical needs. By giving you the chance to play online with the languages, you will learn English from the bottom.
89.Polyglot, traveler, and philomath running a blog on language learning, motivation, and learning hacks.
90.Tweeting about interesting stuff and languages, games and translation.
91.Polski - English - Français translator and interpreter with 6 years of experience, specialising in law, IT, marketing, and business.
92.André Höchemer is a freelance translator, interpreter and writer and writes a bilingual blog about Spanish and German language and culture.
93.The Mezzofanti Guild is offering some unique foreign language learning tips, travel advice, anecdotes, encouragement and more.
94.A language professional, Kerstins super friendly and accessible language blog includes loads of great tips and activities for one and all.
95.Real Life English tweets daily phrasal verbs, slang, grammar exercises, expressions, jokes, podcasts and articles from their blog & more.
96.Unconventional language hacking tips from Benny the Irish polyglot; travelling the world to learn new languages to fluency.
97.Buurtaal is a blog for Germans with an interest in Dutch language and culture and vice versa.
98.Grammar Girl provides friendly tips to improve your writing. Covering the grammar rules and word choice guidelines, Grammar Girl makes complex grammar questions simple with memory tricks.
99.Self studying Korean, Chinese and Japanese!!! Talking about difficulties experiences and in general what she learns.
100.Let's talk! Let's learn, share and enjoy English with the BBC! We produce topical multimedia content for people all over the world who want to speak English for fun, work, or study.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the competition. Without all of you this competition would not have been possible. If your blog, Facebook page or Twitter account is on the list, you might want to add the Top 100 Language Lovers 2013 button to your blog. Click here if you’d like to get more information on how the competition works. We hope to see you again soon on Lexiophiles and