Top 25 Language Facebook Pages 2011

These are the Top 25 Language Lovers 2011 in the category ‘Language Facebook pages’. This category focuses on Facebook pages on the language topic, ranging from language learning and teaching to language interpreting and the preservation of languages. Congratulations to the winners!

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1.BBC Learning English
Let's talk! Let's learn, share and enjoy English with the BBC!
2.Deutsche Welle Learn German
Deutsche Welle's individualized German language courses can help you to improve your skills.
3.Język niemiecki
A great page for everyone interested in learning German!
We will not rest until every person on Earth is fluent in multiple languages.
Let´s share our languages!
6.TeachingEnglish | British Council
Visit the award-winning global home for English teaching on the web site which brings together everything busy teachers need, from classroom materials to ideas for development.
7.Oxford University Press - ELT
Welcome to the Oxford University Press English Language Teaching (ELT) page.
8.Goethe Institut
German School
Materials helpful when learning German.
10.Interpreting for Europe
The European Institutions have the largest interpreting services in the world. As an interpreter, you can take part in the decisions that help shape Europe's future - in a great, challenging job with excellent working conditions and colleagues.

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