Top 25 Language Learning Blogs 2011

These are the Top 25 Language Lovers 2011 in the category ‘Language Learning’. This category focuses on blogs about the language learning process, language teaching, difficulties with or discussions about learning a language. Congratulations to the winners (2010 winners here and here)!

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1.Fluent in 3 months
A site packed with encouragement and “language hacks” about speaking languages as quickly as possible from Benny the Irish polyglot.
2.Talk To Me In Korean
Korean learning made simple and easy.
3.Der Englisch Blog
This blog provides new English language explanations and exercises every day.
4.Ein Blog für Deutschlerner in aller Welt
A blog for learners of German around the world.
5.Teaching Village
Blog made by a passionate teacher, especially about teaching English to young learners.
A blog about the Dutch language and culture.
7.Blog o języku niemieckim
Easy German learning online with authentic materials.
8.Jennie en France
Blog about Learning & Teaching Languages, with a Focus on French.
9.All Japanese All the Time
How you can learn Japanese (and many more languages) without taking classes, by having fun and doing things you enjoy—watching movies, playing video games, reading comic books—you know: fun stuff!
10.Women Learning Thai… and some men too
Expat making her way through Thai language and culture.
Learn Spanish through pop culture!
On this blog there are texts in Polish and English for learners and language learning advice.
13.The Everyday Language Learner
This site is for the everyday language learner. It is about helping you be a successful language learner.
14.Tecla SAP
Blog created to help English learners with their studies focused on common difficulties that Portuguese speakers have when learning English.
15.En Italiano
The blog helps Spanish speaking people to learn Italian for free.
16.ISEL - Blog językowy
Blog about English vocabulary and grammar.
Russificate: New Russian language blog, created in September 2009 by Yulia Amlinskaya, professional Russian language teacher, containing a great variety of interactive grammar, communication and vocabulary materials, exercises and quizzes for two different levels as well as Russian songs with exercises and a wide range of articles on Russian customs and traditions, literature and history, life and personalities, etc.
18.Spanish Only
The blog about learning Spanish, to fluency, on your own and without ever visiting a classroom.
Teaches advanced English that you can use in the real world, not just on a test.
20.The Yearlyglot
The main focus of this web site is, of course, learning languages. Specifically, I will be learning one new language every year. But it should always be remembered that language is a means, not an end.
21.Multilingual Living
Multilingual Living is a place where parents raising children in more than one language and culture can find inspiration, tools, advice, wisdom and support!
22.Świat języków obcych
The world of foreign languages - effective learning, discussions and much more.
23.Diario di una Studentessa Matta
Blog for learning and using the Italian language.
A blog supporting English language learning.
25.A CLIL to Climb
Blog with games and downloadable activities for teachers

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