Top 25 Language Professionals Blogs 2015

Our Top 25 Language Professional Blogs 2015 will provide you with insiders' advice from those working in the language industry. The experience of translators, interpreters, lexicographers, linguists to name a few is summarized in engaging articles. Well done to the winners! (If you want to know who won in 2014, have a look here).

Make sure to check out the Top 25 for each category as well:

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1.Closer wor(l)ds
A blog dedicated to translation, interpreting and all things language.
Blog with videos about translation and interpreting where a wide range of subjects in relation to this profession are discussed.
3.Gaston Dorren, taaljournalist
Articles in Dutch about the Dutch language (common mistakes, translation problems, characteristics...).
4.Scritture Brevi
Scritture Brevi observes, describes and collects any type of "short text": abbreviations, acronyms, signs, icons, symbols, hashtags, text messages, aphorisms, puns etc. Mainly in Italian, but with contributions also in English.
5.In My Own Terms
A blog created for people who would like to know about terminology and don´t know where to start and where to find resources. Whether you are just curious or want to become an expert, this page will give you an idea of what you’re getting into.
6.Terminologia etc.
The blogger is an Italian terminologist and localization specialist. Terminologia etc. is her personal blog on terminology, translation, localization and anything language-related that attracts her attention.
Monolingual & multilingual resources & terminology 4 translators & interpreters.
Linguisticator is designed for those who don't just want to get started learning a language, but who want to attain fluency — and do so in as fast and efficient a manner as possible. Linguisticator takes a systematic approach to language learning and puts you in control of your own learning by giving you special training in linguistics and language learning.
The only Italian scientific blog on profanity, since 2006. You can find here a psycholinguistic approach to swearing.
10.En la luna de Babel
A blog for all those interested in languages, especially English and Spanish. Posts about euphemisms, strong language, how to translate cultural references and even romantic novels. It is updated regularly and caters for all tastes!

Thank you all for sharing your love for languages with us! If you are on the Top 100 list, you can let your readers and fans know by adding the Top 100 Language Lovers 2015 button to your website. You can read everything about TLL here. See you soon on and Lexiophiles for more language matters!