Top 25 Language Twitterers 2011

Here you will find the Top 25 Language Lovers 2011 in the category ‘Language Twitterers’. This category focuses on Twitterers tweeting about languages, amongst them tranlsators, interpreters, language teachers, language publishing houses and other language enthusiasts. We congratulate the winners!

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1.@translationguy (Ken Clark)
CEO, 1-800-Translate, rated #1 for client service in translation and localization industry, learning from the best in the business going on 20 years
2.@lynneguist (Lynne Murphy)
An American linguist in England. This is the Twitter presence of 'Separated by a Common Language' blog.
3.@brad5patterson (Brad Patterson)
EFL teacher
4.@dw_learngerman (Deutsche Welle)
Learn German with our free and fun materials!
5.@langology (Language News)
Fun with #language, language and linguistic news, links, events, research and more.
6.@GrammarMonkeys (Grammar Monkeys)
It's all about clarity. Grammar and language tips from the copy editors at The Wichita (Kansas) Eagle. Have a question? Ask; we'll answer.
7.@ProZcom (
The translation workplace. is the number one source of new clients for translators and interpreters. #xl8 blog
8.@OxfordWords (Oxford Dictionaries)
Oxford University Press, publisher of Oxford Dictionaries, brings you news and insights from today’s world of words.
9.@OUPELTGlobal (OUP ELT Global)
Oxford University Press English Language Teaching. Follow us for news, info, blog posts, videos and tools to aid your ESL/EFL teaching. Alex tweeting.
10.@LinguaGreca (Catherine Christaki)
Greek translator
11.@language_news (Judy Jenner)
Trilingual translator
12.@Lingo_Woman (Lingo_Woman)
13.@aboutworldlangs (AboutWorld Langs)
Providing information and cultural awareness about languages around the world
14.@ATGTranslations (Silvina JoverCirillo)
English/Spanish/Italian language professional specializing in Legal, Government, Financial, Healthcare and Education. From Uruguay and the USA to the world!
15.@eslsuisse (ESL Suisse)
Linguistic holidays
16.@Currixan (Curri Barcelo)
17.@pmstrad (Pablo Muñoz Sánchez)
Translation and localization
18.@Sprachwelt (Deutsche Sprachwelt)
German newspaper about languages
19.@Languagebandit (Language Bandit)
At least one language fact every day. You know you want it.
20.@cupofenglish (Cup of English)
Cup of English,learning English online
21.@transliteria (Ewa Erdmann)
Polish translator
22.@IdiomOfTheWeek (ESL Teacher)
Sharing fun English idioms daily. Love exchanging educational ESL best practices w/students, colleagues & friends the world over!
23.@Olenkaarakelyan (Olga Arakelyan)
Translator/ESL teacher
24.@englishwhirled (English Whirled Wide)
Created this avatar to indulge my penchant for language humour and funny signs.
25.@PaulEdgar1 (Paul Sulzberger)
Co-founder Australasia's largest Language Service Provider; EngRus reviser; PhD linguistics; New concept translation marketplace startup

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