Top 25 Language YouTube Channels 2014

See below the Top 25 Language Lovers 2014 representing the 'Language YouTube Channel' category. This category includes videos and vlogs about language learning, pronunciation and all sorts of videos about languages. Well done to the very first winners!

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1.Get Germanized
Learn German, get to know Germany and German culture and have fun doing so!
Learn French and have fun!!!
3.Adam Bradshaw
Channel for Thai people who want to learn everyday English.
4.JJ Conversation Skills
Playful, analytical and occasionally challenging videos about speaking skills, accents and communication.
5.Speak English with Steve Ford
High quality English lessons from basic to fluency levels taught by Steve Ford.
6.Easy Languages
Supports people worldwide to learn languages through authentic street interviews.
English teacher who posts tutorial videos from his time in China and in the UK.
8.Learn English with Let's Talk - Free English Lessons
A convenient way to learn English that combines audio and Video lessons. Make learning easier by taking advantage of modern pedagogical principles and the latest web technologies.
9.Francais Authentique
Learn to speak French automatically and effortlessly with an authentic Frenchman.
10.JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)
English lessons that are informative while allowing the students to find their own way of learning.

Thank you to all of the participants who made this competition more thrilling than ever. We could not have made it without you! If your blog, Facebook page, Twitter account or YouTube channel has made it to the Top 100 list above, we would like to invite you to add the Top 100 Language Lovers 2014 button to your blog or your website. Click here for more information about the competition. We look forward to seeing you again on and Lexiophiles.