Top 25 Language YouTube Channels 2015

The Top 25 Language YouTube Channels will present you with amusing videos about languages. These polyglots, linguists and teachers will keep you hooked to the screen with their tips. Congrats to all our vloggers! (For even more videos, the 2014 winners here).

Make sure to check out the Top 25 for each category as well:

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1.Easy Languages
International video project to learn languages through authentic street interviews.
2.Deutsch für Euch
English videos to learn about German grammar and vocabulary in a fun way.
3.Get Germanized
Funny, creative and interesting videos to know all about the German culture and language.
Videos to learn Dutch with the focus on vocabulary, proverbs and false friends.
5.Cintia Disse
Videos about general English tips and fun facts.
6.Dolce Vita
Short weekly videos to get to know practical Italian words and the basic grammar.
7.Speak English With Misterduncan
English teacher who posts longer videos to explain English words and short video to teach new words.
8.Benny Lewis
Unconventional language hacking tips from Benny, the Irish polyglot, who is travelling the world to reach fluency in new languages.
9.O Alemão
Portuguese videos with German grammar, vocabulary lessons and travel tips.
10.Learn Italian with Lucrezia
Videos about Italian language, Italian culture, Italian lifestyle and, occasionally, Italian food.

Thank you all for sharing your love for languages with us! If you are on the Top 100 list, you can let your readers and fans know by adding the Top 100 Language Lovers 2015 button to your website. You can read everything about TLL here. See you soon on and Lexiophiles for more language matters!