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Abbreviations : Business Abbreviations

a.m. (ante meridiem)
a.m. (ante meridiem): avant midi
Used with 12 hour clock after 00:00, but before 12:00
approx. (approximately)
approx. (approximativement)
Used with estimates
attn. (to the attention of)
à l'attention de
Used when in correspondence with specific person
B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)
Bachelor / Licence ( Licence d'Arts )
University title
CET (Central European Time)
HEC (Heure Europe Centrale)
Used in correspondence with businesses in other time zones
H.R.H. (His/Her Royal Highness)
S.A.R (Son Altesse Royale)
Title for honourary people
i.e. (id est)
c.à.d (c'est-à-dire)
Used when clarifying something
inc. (incorporated)
S.A ( Société Anonyme )
Comes after certain business names
Ltd. (limited)
S.A.R.L (Société À Responsabilité Limitée)
Comes after certain business names
n/a (not applicable)
n/a (non applicable)
Used when something does not need to be applied
no. (number)
n° (numéro)
Used for orders
p.a. (per annum)
par an
Used when describing an annual occurrence or business practice
p.m. (post meridiem)
p.m. (post meridiem) après-midi
Used with 12 hour clock after 12:00, but before 00:00
PTO (please turn over)
Retournez s.v.p. (retournez s'il vous plaît)
Indicates that there is correspondence on both sides of a page
VP (vice president)
VP (vice-président)
The second in command after the President

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