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A multicultural and multilingual team

bab.la is a language project by Andreas Schroeter and Patrick Uecker. The idea has been on Andreas' mind for quite some time. During his high school and university years he lived in Canada, France, Sweden and the USA. He noticed that just knowing the exact translation often doesn't really help. You really need to "live" the language to come up with the right word. Andreas has been collecting dictionaries from different languages for a long time. Putting the things together was just a natural step: Starting a portal where language lovers can meet and exchange their ideas and learn languages from each other. Who is a better teacher than a native speaker who likes to share his knowledge? And Patrick is our language expert regarding Pascal, C++, Java, Prolog, LISP, SQL, PHP, JSP and ASP. Thanks to him and his language skills this portal is alive today :-)

The language portal bab.la is a free online platform for language lovers and an online community of global citizens. We have 44 dictionaries for 28 languages, blog articles about life abroad, language games and quizzes, verb conjugation for 13 languages, phrase books for university, business or travel, an internship platform and many other language-related products.

In 2017, bab.la launched its online magazine Living Abroad for young multilingual expats coming to grips with life in a foreign country.

We are always happy to hear feedback from you and whenever possible implement your suggestions to make bab.la a better, more efficient and more pleasant product for you to use. Don't hesitate to drop us a line! If you are enthusiastic about languages and want to work with us in Hamburg, check our Jobs page for more information.

1. A language portal available in 28 languages

2. 44 bilingual dictionaries

3. An online magazine about life abroad

4. Millions of tips about moving and travelling to a new country

5. Billions of context sentences to illustrate our translations

6. Hundreds of language quizzes and games

7. Phrase books for traveling & business

8. Conjugation tables in 13 languages

9. Internship offers all over the world

10. An enthusiastic team of multilingual globetrotters

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