Danish conjugation

The bab.la Danish conjugation tool is very easy to use. To find all the Danish verbs in their full tenses simply type a Danish verb in its infinitive form in the search bar above, click on "Conjugate" and the results will be displayed within seconds.

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Find out the most frequently used verbs in Danish.

If you would rather not use the search field to browse our Danish verbs and their conjugations, you can use the letters aligned below. Click on one of the letters and you will see all the Danish verbs starting with this particular letter. If you click on one of the verbs, you will be sent to a page dedicated to this Danish verb, with all its tenses.

Conjugation is the art of changing the verb according to the tense and the person along with the voice and the number. These may sound like very alien concepts, but you actually use them, consciously or not. You do not want to spend too much time learning conjugation forms by heart? Then Danish is tailored for you! In many Scandinavian languages, conjugation is very simple, sometimes completely unchanged throughout all pronouns. The Danish conjugation is no exception to this rule and Danish verbs are very easy to learn. A quick glimpse at the bab.la conjugation tool will help you have a perfect command of Danish conjugation. Do you want to refresh your Danish conjugation skills or sharpen your knowledge about Danish verbs? We have something for you! The language portal bab.la has a multitude of Quizzes in and about Danish. These quizzes are fun to take, whether you are a native Danish speaker or still learning Danish. We also have many bab.la Games to learn Danish, including Hangman, Memorize and Match It! These are ideal to learn Danish while having fun. You can focus on Danish verbs but you will also learn many other words. Furthermore, you can explore conjugation tables in other languages than Danish if these are your focus of the moment.