Finnish conjugation

The Finnish conjugation is an ideal way to find all the conjugated forms of the Finnish verbs you need. Just type in the Finnish verb you need to conjugate in the search field located above and click on "Conjugate" to display all the conjugated tenses of the verb in question. Those include positive and negative verb tenses as well as the various infinitive forms used in Finnish and its conjugation. The conjugation is also available for many other languages.

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Find out the most frequently used verbs in Finnish.

If you would rather not use the search function of the Finnish conjugation tool, we have an alternative method for you to find the right conjugated Finnish verb. See below the letter under which every Finnish verb is sorted out by their initial letters. Click on the first letter of the Finnish verb that is searched for, then browse the list of verbs to find the one you need conjugated.

The Finnish conjugation tool comes in handy whenever you need to write a text in Finnish, communicate in Finnish with Finnish native speakers or simply clarify a doubt about how to spell a Finnish verb. Even though Finns are used to speaking foreign languages, they will be flattered to notice you are attempting to use Finnish with them and showing interest in their language. Finnish is known to be one of the trickiest languages to learn and Finnish conjugation is no exception to other linguistic aspects. It takes time and effort to learn Finnish verb conjugation, however the Finnish conjugation tool should help you to learn and study the language. If at some point you feel like your memory is saturated with Finnish conjugation tables, you should take a break and let yourself assimilate all those verbs for a while. Why not relax by giving a try at the Finnish Quizzes to learn and have fun at the same time? Our Finnish Quizzes will teach you about Finnish conjugation, grammar, vocabulary and even Finnish culture and traditions. Alternatively you can try the Finnish Games in order to learn more Finnish verbs or words in general and enhance your word power. It's also a great way to brush up words you had already learned and make sure your Finnish spelling is as good as ever.