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You can join in on the fun at and help us make the Chinese-English dictionary the best and biggest online dictionary resource in the world. New ways of interpreting words in Chinese or translating Chinese phrases to English develop all the time. Also, a Chinese to English translation can vary depending on if it is a scientific or technical translation and which specific field it belongs to. This is why the Chinese-English dictionary contains multiple translations. We need your help to add the latest Chinese to English translations. User contributions are the best method to include the newest colloquial and regional Chinese expressions to the online dictionary. Suggested new translations to the Chinese-English dictionary are not added immediately however. A new Chinese phrase is marked as unverified, so as to maintain high quality, until 10 other users vote the translation as correct.
Registered members are not only part of the language community, but also receive points in the world ranking by for example suggesting new words for the Chinese-English dictionary. If you are unsure about a Chinese word or phrase and how it is translated to English you could always post a question in the Chinese-English Forum. In the forum other users help each other by answering queries about new translations of common Chinese phrases, difficult translations and Chinese language.