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"konservere" in English

DA konservere
[konserverer|konserverede] {verb}

konservere (also: beholde, holde, honorere, passe)
konservere (also: beholde)
konservere (also: bevare)
Ja til at bevare den europæiske model for landbruget, men ikke til at konservere den fælles landbrugspolitik i lage for al evighed.
It is the only international institution, it is the only organ of global governance that I know that can challenge and compromise the sovereignty or the United States and get away with it.

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DanishJeg mener, at EU spiller sin rolle som ansvarlig ved at sikre en kontrol med at konservere og bevare den fælles kulturarv for hele verden, som disse frø udgør.
I believe that Europe is facing up to its responsibility by ensuring control of the conservation and safeguarding of seeds, our joint world heritage.