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NL afzetting

afzetting (also: amputatie, wegneming)
afzetting (also: kordon)
cordon {noun}
afzetting (also: borgsom, storting, neerzetting, afstorting)

Context sentences for "afzetting" in English

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DutchDaarom zoeken we een manier om die afzetting te stoppen."
So if we had some way to stop this scaling -- and so I picked up some shells on the beach.
DutchMaar de afzetting van de Commissie-Santer is geen oplossing.
This cannot be achieved by sacking the Santer Commission.
DutchEn ze zeiden: "Afzetting, het ophopen van mineralen in leidingen. ~~~ Mineralen stapelen zich op, net zoals bij jou thuis.
And they said, you know what happens is, mineral -- just like at your house -- mineral builds up.
DutchOnlangs was Kirgizstan opnieuw uitgebreid in het nieuws vanwege de afzetting van Akajev, die jaren lang president was geweest.
The eyes of the world were recently drawn again to Kyrgyzstan when its long-time leader, President Akayev, was overthrown.
DutchWat voorkomt verdere afzetting?
Dutch. ~~~ Het is een groene manier om afzetting in leidingen te stoppen.
And, in fact, there is a product called TPA that's mimicked that protein -- that stop-protein -- and it's an environmentally friendly way to stop scaling in pipes.
DutchGeachte afgevaardigden, de Europese Unie heeft de afzetting met geweld van de Cambodjaanse premier, prins Ranariddh, en het geweld van juli 1997 veroordeeld.
Ladies and gentlemen Members of this House, the European Union has condemned the ousting by force of the Prime Minister, Prince Ranariddh and the violence perpetrated in July 1997.
DutchMijnheer de Voorzitter, geachte afgevaardigden, de Europese Unie wenst de gedwongen afzetting van de premier, prins Ranariddh en de gewelddadigheden van juli 1997 krachtig te veroordelen.
Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the European Union firmly condemns the Prime Minister's forced expulsion of Prince Ranariddh, along with the violence perpetrated in July 1997.
DutchDe voormalige premier Bhoetto is na zijn afzetting zelfs ter dood gebracht en zijn dochter - die populair was zolang zij werd gezien als zijn politieke erfgename - werd later eveneens afgezet.
Former Prime Minister Bhutto was even killed after being deposed, and his daughter, popular so long as she was regarded as his political heir, was also later thrown out of power.