"zuchtje" English translation


"zuchtje" in English


zuchtje {het}

1. general
zuchtje (also: windstootje)
2. diminutive
zuchtje (also: vleug, trekje, sigaartje, teug)

Context sentences for "zuchtje" in English

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DutchVan het kleinste zuchtje wind gaan we naar de machtige krachten van stormen.
From the smallest wisp of air to the powerful forces of nature's storms.
DutchIk ontdekte dat het zachte oppervlak ieder zuchtje wind onthulde in constant veranderende patronen.
I discovered their soft surfaces revealed every ripple of wind in constantly changing patterns.
Dutch. ~~~ Er is geen zuchtje wind.
It becomes very calm, there's no wind at all.