to look after {verb}

1. general
to look after (also: to ensure, to guard, to watch over)
to look after (also: to take care of)
قامَ على {vb} (راقَبَ)
3. "to be responsible for"

Context sentences for "to look after" in Arabic

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EnglishI don't want to go, and anyway I have to look after Dad
لا أُريدُ أنْ أَذْهَبَ، وَعَلى أَيِّ حالٍ يَجِبُ عَلَيَّ أنْ أَرْعى والِدي
Englishhe gave up his job to look after the children
تَخَلّى عن وَظيفَتِهِ لِيَعْتَنِيَ بالأَطْفالِ
Englishshe made it her duty to look after them
أَلْزَمَتْ نَفْسَها بِرِعايَتِهِمْ
Englishwe can look after ourselves
نَسْتَطيعُ أنْ نَعْتَنِيَ بِأَنْفُسِنا
Englishto look after sb's interests