to plough into {verb}

1. "with enthusiasm"
أَقْبَلَ على شَيْءٍ
أَقْبَلَ على شَيْءٍ

Context sentences for "to plough into" in Arabic

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Englishto plough through
تَقَدَّمَ بِصُعوبةٍ خلال شَيْءٍ
Englishto plough a piece of land
Englishto plough through
قَرَأَ شَيْئاً بِصُعوبةٍ
Englishto plough through
Englishto plough back
أَعادَ اسْتِثْمارَ شَيْءٍ
Englishto plough up
Englishto plough into
Englishto plough into

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