EN sweep

2. "action"

sweep (also: brush)
كَنَسَ الأَرْضيّةَ

3. "of lawn, gravel"

sweep (also: room, space, stretch, area)
مِساحة [misāḥa] {noun}

4. "search"

تَمْشيط [tamšīṭ] {noun}

5. "scope, range of history, events, opinion"

sweep (also: spectrum, domain, framework, range)
نِطاق [niṭāq] {noun}

6. "curving movement"


7. "of a bay, river, the landscape"

sweep (also: duration, expanse, expansion, length)
امْتِداد [imtidād] {noun}

Context sentences for "sweep" in Arabic

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Englishthe mountains sweep down to the sea
تَمْتَدُّ الجِبالُ حتّى البَحْرِ
Englishto sweep an area for mines
طَهَّرَ مِنْطَقةً من الأَلْغامِ
Englishto make a clean sweep of sth
نَفَضَ الغُبارَ عن شَيْءٍ
Englishto sweep three games
فازَ بِثَلاثةِ أَشْواطٍ نَظيفةٍ
Englishto sweep to victory
‫حَقَّقَ نَصْراً كاسِحاً‬
Englishwith a sweep of his arm
مُلَوِّحاً بِذِراعِهِ
Englishto sweep to power
وَصَلَ إلى السُلْطةِ
Englishto sweep the market