to wear out {verb}

1. general
to wear out
أَبْلى [ʼablā] {vb} (بَلِيَ)
to wear out (also: to fatigue, to wear down)
أَتْعَبَ [ʼatʻaba] {vb} (أَرْهَقَ)
to wear out (also: to tire, to overtax, to strain)
to wear out
to wear out (also: to exhaust)
to wear out (also: to exhaust, to fatigue)
كَدَّ [kadda] {vb} (أَتْعَبَ)
to wear out (also: to exhaust, to fatigue, to tire out)
to wear out (also: to make trite, to make commonplace)
ابْتَذَلَ [ibtaḏala] {vb} (امْتَهَنَ)
3. "tyres, shoes, clothes"
to wear out (also: to wear, to wear off)

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EnglishI've had three years' wear out of these boots
بَقِيَ هذا الحِذاءُ مَعي لِثَلاثِ سَنَواتٍ

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