EN worship

1. general

worship (also: cult, devotion)
تَعَبُّد [taʻabbud] {noun}

2. "of money, wealth"

عِبادة [ʻibāda] {noun}

3. religion

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Context sentences for "worship" in Arabic

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Englishto God has ordained that we should worship only Him
قَضى اللهُ أنْ لا نَعْبُدَ إلّا إيّاهُ
Englishto defend the right to freedom of worship
دافَعَ عن حَقِّ حُرّيّةِ العِبادةِ
Englishto devote oneself to worship
عَكَفَ على العِبادةِ
Englishphysical acts of worship
العِبادات البَدَنيّة
Englishto worship the gods