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The alphabet below contains all words, expressions and phrases of the English-Danish dictionary. Select a letter to browse the English to Danish dictionary manually. By clicking on the searched word you will see all Danish translations and relevant Danish synonyms in the dictionary results page.

The English-Danish dictionary is constantly updated with new Danish translations. The most recent user contributions are shown below. You are welcome to help us verify an English to Danish translation or to suggest an alteration to a recent entry.

Join us and create the world's largest free online English-Danish dictionary together with us. As the English and Danish language are developing continuously English to Danish translations will also adapt. Help us by adding your own translation suggestions to the dictionary to keep it up to date. Each new English or Danish expression will be tagged as unverified until 10 bab.la users have voted it to be correct. This way we ensure a high quality Danish dictionary. All unverified entries will still be visible in the English-Danish dictionary.
If you register with bab.la you can collect points in the world ranking. Compete against other bab.la users to reach the top spots. You earn more points by participating, e.g. by adding new Danish translations. If you are unsure about an English to Danish translation visit our English-Danish forum. Other users will help you find the right answer. You are also welcome to discuss anything related to the Danish language, be it Danish grammar or Danish idioms.