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1. geography

Inner Mongolia
Today, Inner Mongolia comprises 20 million Chinese whilst only 3.6 million Mongolians remain.
I dag bor der 20 mio kinesere i Det Indre Mongoliet, men kun 3, 6 mio mongoler.
I mention the occupation of Tibet, the situation in Turkestan and Inner Mongolia, the lengthy prison sentences for dissidents, including Wei Jingsheng.
Jeg nævner nu besættelsen af Tibet, situationen i Turkestan og Det Indre Mongoliet, de lange fængselsstraffe for dissidenter, herunder Wei Jingsheng.
Nothing, though, can justify the brutal treatment they mete out to religious and ethnic minorities in Tibet as well as in Inner Mongolia and in Eastern Turkestan.
Men deres brutale handlinger over for religiøse og etniske mindretal i både Tibet, Indre Mongoliet og Østturkestan kan ikke retfærdiggøres.

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