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EN those who are interested

those who are interested (also: curious people, nosy people)

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EnglishThose who are interested in poetry, the poem is "A Shropshire Lad" written by A.E.
Voor wie geïnteresseerd is in poëzie, het gedicht is "A Shropshire Lad", van A.E. ~~~ Housman.
EnglishFor those who are interested, the details are on the website.
Geïnteresseerden kunnen de details vinden op de website.
EnglishThe challenge facing all those who are interested in Africa is not the challenge of reducing poverty.
De uitdaging waarvoor alle Afrika-geïnteresseerden staan, is niet de uitdaging van armoedebestrijding.
EnglishWe are well aware that those who remain really are the old guard, the hard core, or those who are going to catch a later plane - and, of course, those who are interested.
Wij weten zeer goed dat op vrijdagochtend alleen de dappersten hier aanwezig zijn: zij nemen hun vliegtuig later en interesseren zich voor de zaak.