EN drop-off

1. general

drop-off (also: bill, calculation, check, count)
lasku {noun}
drop-off (also: decrease)
drop-off (also: diminution, drop)

2. American English

drop-off (also: descent, downhill, downslope, aslope)
drop-off (also: descent, drop)
putous {noun}
drop-off (also: hillside)

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EnglishAs the Commission concluded, the management of migration flows is essential if we are to avoid a drop-off in economic growth and a reduction in our quality of life.
Kuten komissio totesi, maahanmuuttovirtojen hallinta on välttämätöntä, mikäli haluamme välttää talouskasvun tyrehtymisen ja elämänlaatumme heikkenemisen.