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EnglishSaying that the two sexes are like chalk and cheese, however, is a distortion of reality.
Mais prétendre à l'opposition absolue entre les deux sexes est une déformation de la réalité.
Englishnot to be able to tell chalk from cheese
ne pas savoir reconnaître un chat d'un chien
EnglishThe two are not chalk and cheese.
Les deux milieux ne sont pas irréconciliables.
Englishto be as different as chalk and cheese
Englishthey are as different as chalk and cheese
Englishthey're as different as chalk and cheese
Englishthey are like chalk and cheese
Englishlike chalk and cheese
EnglishWhat is marketed in 0.75 litre bottles is not sold in 1 litre bottles, and to compare wine made from late-harvested grapes with ordinary table wine would be like comparing chalk and cheese.
Ce qui arrive sur le marché en bouteilles de 0, 75 litre n'existe pas en bouteilles d'un litre et il est tout à fait déplacé de comparer un grand cru à un vin du pays.

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